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A Unique Legal Perspective On Real Estate Matters

One of the aspects of my career that sets me apart as a real estate lawyer is my decision in 1997 to close my first law practice and enter the mortgage industry. I spent the late 1990s and the early 2000s working for several mortgage lenders as a loan officer or mortgage broker.

My years as a mortgage officer provided me with a deep understanding of the primary and secondary mortgage business. I have strong professional relationships with banks, mortgage lenders and others in the financial sector in Kansas City. After reopening my law practice, Gary Long Law P.A., in 2015, I continued to work in the mortgage industry, and I am currently senior loan officer (NMLS #1251299) at First Mortgage Solutions, LLC.

Providing Assistance For All Kinds Of Real Estate Issues

If you retain me as your real estate attorney, I can help you with many types of property-related issues:

  • Commercial or residential real estate transactions
  • Real estate litigation
  • Drawing up and enforcing contracts and deeds
  • Resolving landlord-tenant conflicts and eviction situations
  • Protecting your property to pass it to the next generation through proper estate planning
  • Clearing title defects in a refinance situation
  • Helping you retain your property if you have property tax sale issues

If you receive a notice that seems to threaten your access to your home, give my office a call. We can examine your situation, and I can lay out a plan that will accommodate your needs and goals.

Turn To My Firm For Real Estate Legal Advice

You can trust my professional background and years of experience to guide you to an optimal solution in your real estate matter. Call 913-428-0264 for a free consultation, or email me to set up your appointment. I have offices in Overland Park and in downtown Kansas City, KS. Se Habla Español.

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